Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Original IP, 3rd person character action series on PS3. Uncharted was a major pivot for ND from a stylized, cartoony, family friendly developer to its current format developing realistic, grounded, mature action titles, introducing gunplay, cover systems, melee, free-form navigation utilizing motion capture (rather than hand keyed) animations.

Pre Production

As part of the leads team during pre-production we established this more realistic direction. I was involved with concept co-development, mocap planning and supervision. During production, I implemented mocap cinematics, hand keyed facial animations, augmented body mocap performance, hand keyed stunt not practical to mocap, and implemented scene lighting for cinematics.

Production Design


Left to right; “Buka Pinto”: was a non-mocap scene, Jeremy Yates animated zip line, I completed body and facial animations. “The Bridge”: mocap implementation, stunts & facial keyframe animation, camera layout. 


I lit these scenes in Maya and ND’s proprietary lighting tools. Lighting was usually set up per shot, not per scene for cinematics. 


I co-lit with collaboration of other ND lighting artists using Maya and ND proprietary lighting tools.